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PME Sustentável is the portal where companies find the resources to respond to the challenges of Sustainability, boost their performance in the green economy and strengthen relationships with their value chain.

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social responsability

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organizational government

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human rights

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Labor Practices

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Just Operational Practices

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Consumer Related Questions

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Comunity Development and Envolvment


UN sustainable development goals

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pme ods 2c
pme ods 3c
pme ods 4c
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pme ods 6c
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pme ods 8c
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Agriculture, farming of animals, hunting...

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Mining and quarrying

pme cae Cover


pme cae Dover

Electricity, gas, steam, cold and hot wa...

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Water collection, treatment and distribu...

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pme cae Gover

Wholesale and retail trade; repair of mo...

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Transportation and storage

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Accommodation and food service activitie...

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Information and communication activities

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Financial and insurance activities

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Real estate activities

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Consultancy, scientific and technical ac...

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Administrative and support service activ...

pme cae Oover

Public administration and defence; compu...

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pme cae Qover

Human health and social work activities

pme cae Rover

Arts, entertainment, sports and recreati...

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Other service activities

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Activities of households as employers; u...

pme cae Uover

Activities of extraterritorial organisat...


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